Web App Development


Application that emulates real interactions on Twitter

Twitter account detail view
Twitter account list view

Scope of Project

Frontend & backend development

User management system

Automatic interaction on Twitter with programmed actions

Customized user agents and proxy connection for each Twitter account

Scheduled recurring tasks

User agent list view
Application proxy list view

Project Summary

The application was to be able to register new users. These users had to be able to add their Twitter accounts and the application performed a login on each Twitter account added, integrated with the Twitter API and performed the actions that were previously programmed such as following other users, unfollowing them, sending Tweets, etc.

All these actions are performed from a web browser, simulating different user agents (mobile, desktop, Windows, Mac, etc).

In addition, each account was connected to a proxy. Recurring tasks such as updating the number of followers of each Twitter account were performed.

Technologies used

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Django, Docker, Celery, Selenium, Postgres



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